Property Law

Property / Conveyancing

More than 30 years collective experience in all forms of property transactions means that Sydney Business Lawyers is able to advise you on the range of property services that you may require, either in business or for your private needs.

We are able to advise you on:

  • buying and selling your home
  • buying and selling investment properties (including off the plan strata transactions)
  • buying and selling commercial property
  • buying and selling farms and rural properties
  • entering a retirement village
  • leasing commercial property (whether as the landlord or the tenant)
  • leasing farms and rural properties
  • loan and mortgage transactions (whether as the lender or the borrower)
  • joint ventures, including private property trusts
  • property development

Property transactions involve much more than simply passing title, granting a lease or securing a mortgage.

For example, you may also need assistance with:

  • due diligence on a property transaction
  • easement
  • boundary issues and encroachments
  • council processes for development and other regulatory issues
  • restrictive covenants and whether they do protect your view, aspect or amenity of your property – don’t be misunderstood about the effectiveness of restrictive covenants
  • neighbourhood disputes
  • asset protection in the case of bankruptcy/insolvency or relationship break down
  • companies, trusts, partnerships and joint ventures
  • land tax
  • capital gains tax
  • stamp duty
  • goods and services tax

Not every lawyer or licensed conveyancer is able to deal with these things for you. Our wide range of business and property experience enables us to deal with all of these issues and other property issues that arise in ownership, development, lease and mortgage transactions.

We have a sophisticated set of processes and systems that enable us to attend to your property needs in a way that provides you with information you need and when you need it, ensuring that you understand what is involved in managing your property interests.

If you would like assistance with any property requirement that you may have, please contact Sydney Business Lawyers on 8915 4900 or